Rachel Medland Pilates in Cornwall

About Pilates

Benefits of Pilates


Pilates is a fun and safe form of exercise which is beneficial for everybody regardless of age and physical ability. Pilates can help you:

  • Improve your posture, health and overall fitness
  • Rehabilitate after injury, surgery or illness
  • Promote efficient breathing
  • Invigorate your body and relieve muscle tension
  • Improve your balance and reduce the risk of falling
  • Sleep, walk, stand and sit easier
  • Look better, feel better, live better

About Rachel


My heart is for people and their well being. I qualified as a Physiotherapist in 1996 and have worked in a number of different areas including Women's Health, Palliative Care and Musculoskeletal Outpatients. I initially trained in Clinical Pilates with the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates institute in 2000. I undertook a further one year matwork course with the Pilates Foundation in 2011 under the expert tuition of Suzanna Scott. This has given me a sound understanding of the classical repertoire. My passion for Pilates was really cemented following a personal injury in 2003 which was slow to heal. Pilates turned things around for me and enabled me to run again. I have a special interest in pre and post natal pilates. I also have a desire to reach the older generation with Pilates, the generation that can be overlooked by society.

What to Expect


Rachel medland teaches pilates in Launceston and Liskeard. There will be a maximum of 12 people in your class. 

All mats and equipment will be provided including the resistance circle, cliniband, gym ball, foam roller, small ball and weighted ball. Equipment will add variation, support and challenge your movements.

The class will take your spine through all planes of movement including flexion, rotation, lateral flexion and extension.

Your class will be taught according to the fundamental Pilates principles of: Concentration, Control, Centering, Breathing, Alignment and Flowing Movement.

Exercises will be adapted to suit your individual needs and if deemed unsuitable for you, an alternative, safe exercise will be taught.

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"I find it much easier and more fluid to walk. I have improved my core muscles."

"My back feels stronger. I am able to bend better. I am certainly more supple than when I started."

"I don't walk with a stoop so much." This feedback was provided by a client after just 6 Pilates classes. 

"I can now stand on one leg, keep my pelvis still and I am getting skinnier!" Quote from a client who attended Pilates after the birth of her first child. She had been diagnosed with Syphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) during pregnancy and was using elbow crutches to mobilise long distances due to pain. My client is a lot happier now and is more confident in her movements. 

"We retire too early and we die too young, our prime of life should be in the 70's and old age should not come until we are almost 100" A quote by Joseph Pilates.



Matwork Classes

I run two matwork classes every Thursday evening at the Upton Cross Village Hall, Upton Cross, Cornwall. The early class runs from 6.15pm until 7.15pm during term times. This class is ideally suited for beginners and people with specific health needs. The later class is from 7.15pm until 8.15pm and is more challenging using exercises from the original Pilates repertoire. Classes cost £8 a session payable as a block booking on a half termly basis.

I also teach a beginner matwork and an improvers matwork class every Monday evening in the Central Methodist Hall, Launceston. These classes are run by PhysioFix in Launceston. To find out more details about these classes or to book yourself a place, please call Marlene at PhysioFix on 01566 774359. Alternatively, you can contact the clinic at www.physiofix.co.uk

1:1 or 2:1 Sessions

I also offer 1:1 (1 client to 1 teacher) sessions for a cost of £40 per hour. This involves a thorough postural assessment and allows a total understanding of how your body moves. Clients will be given a personalised exercise programme to take home which is completely tailored to their individual needs.

A shared 2:1 ( 2 clients to 1 teacher) session can also be arranged for a cost of £22.50 per hour, per person.

Please feel free to contact me on 07775922745 should you wish to book yourself a mat or to discuss your individual requirements further.

"Life is too short not to stand tall" A quote by Joseph Pilates.

My Blog

This week, we will be making use of the foam roller. It's a fun piece of small equipment that can be used to challenge balance in a variety of different positions. The foam roller can challenge lumbo pelvic stability. It also works really well when used against the wall for a Roll Down, providing sensory feedback whilst mobilising the spine. Research has shown that foam rolling can improve long term (chronic) flexibility when it is performed on a regular basis.